Actors Headshots – First Impressions Count

actors headshots

You have one chance to make a first impression.

What do your current actors headshots say about you?

Does it truly represent you in a natural way? Is it a professional actors headshot that reflects not only who you are but reveals your potential as an actor?

Casting directors want to know that who they see will look just like they expect when you walk in for your audition. They often hold the golden ticket to your future and presenting yourself in the right way, in the first instance, is crucial. Therefore it’s important to have professional casting headshots.

Having several different casting headshots, showing a range of emotions; ideal for each role you’re hoping to audition for, will show off your acting portfolio making the casting director’s decision an easy one.

I have a number of years experience producing professional headshots for my clients. They rely on me to represent the best version of them.

Take a browse through the gallery, blog and pricing to get an insight into how we work. It would be great to meet you and go through some ideas so if you like what you see then simply email me or call on 0113 882 3100.