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How To Project a Professional Image on Linkedin

Linkedin Headshots

In this blog post I want to take a look at how to project a professional image on Linkedin.  When it comes to online profiles, Linkedin is known as the professional site for those serious about their business and building their network. With 313 million+ members, it’s the portal to connect with past and present colleagues, […]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m often asked lots of similar questions so hopefully I’ve answered some of them below, but of course if there’s anything I’ve missed just get in touch and I’ll do my best to help. Where are the photos taken? I have a studio in Bramley, Leeds. The studio offers a number of possibilities for the […]

How to make your online presence standout

Of course GREAT photography is going to make your online presence stand out, but you’d expect us to say that! In the world of digital and social media you need to stand out. Perhaps you’re a blogger looking to attract bigger brands. Maybe a professional speaker looking for bigger audiences. Whatever you reason,  Be consistent with […]

Commercial Photography: Pathfinder Life

Jen Evans

Commercial photography for fitness and wellbeing professionals We were recently approached by Jennifer Evans with a brief to produce commercial imagery for her new business, Pathfinder Life. Offering more than just personal training, Pathfinder’s remit, in Jen’s own words is: Fitness & lifestyle coaching with an unique blend of high energy, mindfulness & NLP to […]

Great images boost your chance of publication

For this post I picked the brains of Catherine Yaffe, an experienced magazine editor, PR professional and journalist. Cat is currently the Editor of the South Yorkshire business magazine Topic UK. For full disclosure, Cat is also my other half! Cat, you have quite a few years’ experience on both sides, from your PR experience and […]

Using photography to enhance your visual identity

Visual Identity

The imagery you choose to represent your brand says much about your organisation to the wider world. Visual identity is distinct yet tied to your corporate brand identity. It’s about way more than your logo and house colours or font style. Are you funny, serious, irreverent, playful? Nothing answers that question quicker than images. Using carefully chosen […]

Stock images aren’t always best

Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering why stock images aren’t always best? Imagine the following scenario; You and your marketing team have spent weeks working on the latest campaign for your business. You’ve committed to a budget and you have all the right tools in place to measure the return on investment. On the day of the launch you hover […]

What to look for in a commercial photographer

Commercial Photography

You’ve recognised that you need to hire the services of a commercial photographer for your business. There are several things to keep in mind when finding the right photographer to work with. Follow these simple steps and your commercial photography commission should not only be easier but you’ll get better images to boot. It’s true […]

Improve your online presence

We’re pretty spoiled by the quality of online images today. Gone are the days of visible pixels. Today anyone with a smartphone can take a pristine image of just about anything, including their own mug. Which is why there’s no excuse for you to have a stretched out, distorted, or pixelated face as the profile […]