You’ve been to the studio, you’ve worked with me to create the headshots you were looking for and now I’ve sent you the link for you to choose your best headshots. Only problem is you love all of them and it’s a tough call to make. 

Of course, the choice is entirely yours but if you’re struggling, the tips below should help you.

  1. Imagine you’re the casting director
    Put yourself in their shoes for a minute. Ignore your inner self-critical voice and choose based on your features. Try not to make it personal, embrace your big nose and receding hairline! It might be that, that gets you the part.
  2. Get other opinions
    Don’t ask your mum though, she’ll love them all and be biased! Ask close friends, people who you trust that will be honest with you. If you’re working with an agent, ask them too. It is after all their job to sell you so they should have a say.
  3. Different perspectives
    Look at the photos at different sizes; thumbnail and larger versions. Many of your images will appear as thumbnails online so you should be happy with them at that size as well as full size.
  4. Casting Types
    What kind of roles are you going for? Do the shortlisted images meet the required look? Or do it the other way round. Make a list of casting types and sort through the images based on that. 
  5. Go with your gut
    When you first looked through, did any make you react either verbally or emotionally (happy, pleased, proud for example)? Keep these shortlisted and compare the ‘not-so-sure’ ones to them. This will give you a good benchmark for the rest.

Don’t jump into making decisions straight away. Take your time, choose a few then leave it a couple of days and go back to them. If your choices are still the same you’re onto a winner!