A key part to the success of any commercial shoot is the preparation that goes into the actual day of shooting. Ahead of the shoot, we’ll work together to get a full understanding of your brief, agree a creative direction and plan the resources and personnel needed to meet your needs.

Ahead of the shoot I’ll do location walkthroughs as needed. This might include walking around the building, exploring angles and finding the perfect way to show the personality of the business through the surroundings that we’re shooting in.

Any extra resources and personnel that may be needed will be booked and briefed as needed.

Together we’ll collaborate on a shoot list which details all the things we need to shoot on the day. I’ll also produce a timed agenda for the shoot so that if we need to have staff available they are out of the business for the minimum amount of time needed.


On shoot day we’ll have a shoot list and a planned, timed agenda. This helps to ensure that we get every image needed for the brief.

A key part of working with people is helping them to relax so their natural personality can shine through. Let’s face it very few people like having their picture taken. I’ll chat with people, put them at ease and bring out the side of them you want to showcase.


Once the shoot is complete, the images will be retouched and sent to you via an online link in the formats and with the usage licenses within the timelines that we’ve agreed.

Next steps

Why not take a look at my commercial photography portfolio and if you’re interested in working with me, email me or contact me on 0113 882 3100 to discuss your next project.