I’ve been shooting headshots for a number of years, and over that time I’ve learnt quite a few things that need to be right between myself and the client, as well as tips that will help you when you’re looking to work with a headshot photographer. Hopefully these tips will help but if you have any questions, just contact me and I’ll do my very best to help.

  1. Is there a connection?
    You can get a feel for a person through the copy on their website, their social media updates and the way they speak on the phone. All of this is important when choosing a photographer to work with. There must be a spark of interest or a feeling that speak your language. It’s makes it easier when it comes to the actual shoot that you are both on the same wavelength.
  2. Can you get a recommendation?  
    Take a look at their testimonials page, if they have one. Do you know anyone on there that you can ask for a recommendation? If not, ask the photographer if you can contact them yourself. Also take a look on their portfolio sites such Casting Call Pro – these tend to be independant reviews, not photographers blowing their own trumpet!
  3. Check their portfolio
    Have a look on the website and the gallery of images. Do you like what you see? Also have a look at their Facebook Page or do a quick Google Images search for their name and see what results it brings up. Their portfolio might be wide ranging, though they specialise in headshots and it could give you some inspiration for your shoot.
  4. What packages are on offer?
    Different people want different things from headshots and whilst some photographers bundle their services into different pricing options, always ask if there’s any flexibility in the options before the shoot. For example, if they shoot outside, and if so is that an additional cost?
  5. How local are they to you, and are they accessible?
    A good headshot photographer is worth travelling for, but if they’re local that’s even better. If you do decide to travel, give yourself plenty of time to allow for those inevitable transport issues so that you arrive fresh and ready to go. Plan your route in plenty of time and if using public transport check there are no strikes planned for that day, or for your return journey.
  6. What happens after the shoot?
    Ask this question when booking the shoot, if it isn’t on their website. How soon after the day can you expect to receive your images? How many will you be allowed to choose?
    Are there any additional costs involved for retouches etc? Take a look at our pricing page for an example of costs.
  7. How much should you expect to pay?
    This is a tricky one as prices for headshots can vary greatly. My advice would be that less isn’t always more. A low priced shoot won’t necessarily mean you’ll get the best results! Also take into consideration that the time you spend in front of camera doesn’t reflect the entirety of the photographers work. There’s the editing of the images, uploading and lots of other ‘unseen’ tasks that need to happen in the background. 

My final piece of advice would be shop around, shortlist 2 to 3, then pick up the phone and have a conversation. It will definitely help you get a feel for the right photographer.