Of course GREAT photography is going to make your online presence stand out, but you’d expect us to say that!

In the world of digital and social media you need to stand out. Perhaps you’re a blogger looking to attract bigger brands. Maybe a professional speaker looking for bigger audiences. Whatever you reason, 

  1. Be consistent with your branding
    Use the same bio, headshot photo and header on whichever platform you’re on. When someone sees your business online it should look and feel the same across all your profile pages.
  2. Great Graphics
    Create custom graphics that incorporate your brand. If you’re in the fitness industry, having action shots taken can say far more than words. If they show you working out either on your own or with a class even better. It adds authority to your message and reflects the right image.
  3. Professional Headshots (Of course)
    You’d be surprised how affordable professional headshots can be. Our prices start at around £100 and that includes a 60 minute session at our studios in Leeds. You get to choose from up to 40 images and select 2 fully retouched images. So if you’re serious about making your online presence standout, give Mark a call today on 0113 882 3100 to arrange your headshot session. Or complete the enquiry form below: