social-media-icons-the-circle-setWe’re pretty spoiled by the quality of online images today. Gone are the days of visible pixels. Today anyone with a smartphone can take a pristine image of just about anything, including their own mug. Which is why there’s no excuse for you to have a stretched out, distorted, or pixelated face as the profile photo on any of your social media accounts. Not only are these images hard to see and confusing, they reflect poorly on you or your business. (“You couldn’t even be bothered to take one nice photo? Either you’re lazy or you suck.”).

Do you really like some photos of yourself and hate others? We all do. Let’s face it: we’re not always ready for our close-up. So how many of your profile photos are current images you actually like? Right. That’s exactly why you should be using the same profile photo across all of your social networks.

You might feel like, ‘yeah, that’s me,’ but your followers on Twitter have a far less intimate relationship with your face, and might not recognize you at a glance in a different photo, say on Facebook or LinkedIn. Recognition is key, especially as people quickly scroll through their feeds. For this reason, having consistent profile photos will increase your chances of having people follow you on different social networks.

Spending time, and yes perhaps a little money on the right photography will pay you back in the long run. It’s as much as an investment in your business as making sure your website is up to scratch.