The imagery you choose to represent your brand says much about your organisation to the wider world. Visual identity is distinct yet tied to your corporate brand identity. It’s about way more than your logo and house colours or font style. Are you funny, serious, irreverent, playful? Nothing answers that question quicker than images. Using carefully chosen photography to enhance your visual identity, you can help to define how your audience perceives you.

asosTake a look at this for example. This is the home page for online retailer ASOS. You know the moment that you land on that page just what they do, who they are, what kind of audience they appeal to.

ASOS have viewed their brand as person and built imagery based on that persona; fun, playful, party loving, young.

By using people as opposed to still product images they’ve added the human touch, an emotional connection that will sell their products. There’s more to selling a story than just using words.


Marks and Spencer, on the other hand appeal to an entirely different audience, and this is reflected in their imagery. A screenshot-www-marksandspencer-com-2016-11-07-15-53-23much more reserved image, reflecting a more mature audience. There’s an element of perceived sophistication here as well which plays to their target demographic’s self-perception.

But again it demonstrates that they understand their target market and use photography to reflect this.


At the other end of the spectrum, Emirate Holidays are very clear about their target audience, and the imagery on the header of the home page depicts that very clearly. In the example clearly they are appealing to couples but also you can see towards the bottom of the page there are various other options such as families, all-inclusive holidays and last minute escapes – they’re leaving nothing to chance! All of theses images are viewable above the fold and even when viewed on mobile or tablet their imagery is still clear.




Top Deck Travel offer ‘epic trips for 18 – 30 year olds’ and once again that’s captured well in the imagery on the homepage but also in the blog which shows beautiful imagery from around the world.screenshot-blog-topdeck-travel-2016-11-21-11-20-09Would you like to know more about how your website imagery can work hard on your behalf? Contact us now for a consultation on 0113 882 3100












Featured Image source: Graphicstock