I’m often asked ‘What should I wear for the shoot?’ so in this post I’ll attempt to answer the question and show a few examples to demonstrate what I mean. Primarily though it’s really down to you and how you want to depict yourself. Like it or not, we all have a stereotypical look; if you’re a 6ft stocky, bald fella there’s not much chance you’ll be cast as an English gentleman but you can always soften or change that look with the clothes and colours you wear. Take a look below to see what I mean.

Black and White

Back in the day, all casting directors were looking for were black and white shots so colour didn’t really come into it. This, of course, has all changed now and colour pictures are more than acceptable. But should you wear black? It’s one of those colours that suits the majority of us, but on camera that can sometimes make you look washed out and pale. Wearing white is better as a contrast colour, underneath a shirt or a jacket for example. More on that later in the post! 

In these headshots we can see that the predominant focus in black and white is the face. Ideal if you’re auditioning for a character role where you need to demonstrate emotions in your face.

Samantha Hindman

Samantha Hindman

Bill Blackwood

Bill Blackwood


Thankfully we are now in the age of colour in headshots – about flippin’ time! But what kind of colours should you wear? Have a think about your ‘wow’ colour, the one item you wear that always gets you a compliment. 

Marianna Milton Booth

Marianna Milton-Booth

High or low neck?

Lower or v-neck t-shirts can be a great choice. They can elongate the neck and frame your face. High neckline t-shirts, in bright colours can make you look younger whilst round crewneck tops work well if you have a longer neck.

Daniel Bakken

Daniel Bakken


We love layers! It can make your look so versatile without the need to dive into the changing rooms after every shot. Jackets can be a little ‘corporate’, whilst a structured zip top or cardigan can be softer and give off a different feel.


Top tip: Don’t get it cut or coloured the day before a planned shoot! If you don’t like it, or can’t do anything with it, it will come across in your shots. 
Consider changing your hair during a shoot – tie it back, wear it to one side or change your parting. Practice a few looks before the day and match it to the clothes you’re wearing.

Most important of all, you have to feel comfortable in whatever you’re wearing and how you look and feel on the day.

If you’re still unsure then just get in touch and I’ll help you as much as I can. Email: [email protected]